Torre Isozaki


2012 - 2014


Under construction


Arata Isozaki (JP)

Structural designer, general design supervisor: Prof. Franco Mola
Staff:  Carlo Segato, Georgios Stefopoulos, Elena Mola, Chiara Pozzuoli
202.2 m

50 storeys

expected to set new height record in Milan
competing for new height record in Italy

Supevisor of structural design; Coordination of Design


Mpartner S.r.l.
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The building is one of the three towers of the CityLife residential and commercial complex, currently under construction in the previous Trade district of Milan: the ‘Isozaki Tower’, together with the ‘Hadid Tower’ and the ‘Liebeskind Tower’, is the centerpiece of the masterplan. The Isozaki Tower, the only one currently under construction,  is set to compete for the new height record in Milan, with an expected height of 202m. The tower will have a total of 50 storeys. The structural system is entirely made of composite reinforced concrete and steel columns, high strength concrete columns and reinforced concrete slabs. The design of the building is strongly marked by a very slender appearance and by the presence of two belt trusses, one at about half of the height and one at the top, that are key elements to increase the lateral strength of the system. Two long steel elements containing dampers are connected to the structures at a height of about 80m, also contributing to its unique appearance.
Prof. Mola is currently serving as the structural designer for the Tower, including the dampers and the belt trusses, and as the General Design Coordinator, supervising the design of the facades (for interactions with the structural elements) and responsible for any compatibility issue. He is also serving as the person in charge of the relations with the Owner.