Uffici Regione Piemonte


2010-2015 (expected)

Regione Piemonte

Under construction


Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto

Structural designer and design supervisor: Prof. Franco Mola
205 m
42 floors

Staff: Paolo Banti, Andrea Da Campo, Giorgio D'Agostino, Giulia Matessi, Federico Palma, Laura Pellegrini, Giuseppe Galassi Sconocchia

Structural design; Supervision of the construction site; Coordination of Design
Documents and publications

The building will host all the administrative functions of Regione Piemonte and is made of underground carparks and commercial space and one tower that, at 205m, is set for the new Italian height record. The tower will have a total of 43 storeys. The structural system is entirely made of composite reinforced concrete and steel columns (up to a height of 20m), high strength concrete columns and reinforced concrete prestressed reduced-weight slabs. The design of the building is strongly marked by the presence of a steel truss façade structure on the East side that is completely independent from the rest of the building, which creates an empty inner space spanning the whole height of the building. The ‘East Façade’  steel truss system is a complex and delicate structure in itself and because of its interactions with the rest of the building and with the glass façade it supports.
As a result of this peculiar design concept, the slabs on the east side work as simple cantilevers jutting out of the core, with spans as long as 12m: they consist of prestressed r.c. slabs of reduced height and the control of their deflections, both instantaneous and long-term, is a complex problem which was carefully analyzed by means of dedicated software and analytical approaches.
Prof. Mola is currently serving as the structural designer for the Tower, the steel structure of the East Façade and as the General Design Coordinator, supervising the design of the facades (for interactions with the structural elements) and responsible for any compatibility issue. He is also serving as the person in charge of the relations with the Owner and as the general on-site supervisor providing day-to-day solutions to construction issues affecting the structural systems.